Diverse Devices, Southampton, England
Stock range includes electronic components ,old and hard to find, test equipment and schematics/ manuals, repairs, scientific equipment - twentyeigth year.
Internet presence from 1995.

This index file updated May 2016
Full component stock range 150K, with UK prices (some items listed but no longer carried)
Test equipment
Technical equipment
Service Manuals/Schematics 120K
Service Manuals/Schematics ( Miscellaneous)
Hints and Tips 100K
More hints and tips / 2 100K
Even more Hints and Tips / 3 100K
Repair Briefs- VCRs,TVs,Monitors
Repair Briefs- Guitar Amps, Band/Stage Gear , A to E
Repair Briefs- Guitar Amps, Band/Stage Gear , F to K
Repair Briefs- Guitar Amps, Band/Stage Gear , L to O
Repair Briefs- Guitar Amps, Band/Stage Gear , P to S
Repair Briefs- Guitar Amps, Band/Stage Gear , T to Z
Repair Briefs-Music Centres,Record Decks,Portable Audio, Cassette Players
Repair Briefs- Test Gear, Industrial & Boating Gear, Computer
Repair Briefs- Test Gear, Industrial & Boating Gear, Computer
Repair Briefs- Domestic, Miscellaneous
Repair Briefs- Audio Amplifiers, CDs, Radios
Video and Audio abbreviations
UK / USA Tool Terminology Translator
Electronic component data book reference library 55K
Audio Equipment
Operation and repair notes for photo-copiers and laser printers 4K
Hint for users of old computers or text to speech systems 7K
Radio Rallies
Some Memorable Southampton Graffiti etc.

Solent extreme virtual epigraphic tide gauge
Mathematical Tiles in Hampshire, NB > 17 Mbyte as loaded with pics
Southampton Cafe Scientifique
Wartime GEC ? Miniscope
1973/1974 early LCD displays
Valve radio and 1960s/1970s/1980s circuits reference library
Miscellaneous items for sale
In memorium to a 204 yearold oak tree
Cross-reference of pre-1960 radio valve types to models 40K
Cross reference for IC data 45K
Cross reference for IC data , file 2 , 30K
The following files relate to an IC Manufacturers Logo Identification Resource for companies that manufactured ICs and opto devices mainly 1970s to 1990s.
Please save to disk by right clicking over the image and use "save picture as"
Firstly low resolution graphics files about 60KBytes each

Logos A to F . . . Logos F to M . . . Logos M to S . . . Logos S to Z
Text file relating to the above logo graphics files.
Secondly high resolution graphics files about 300 KBytes each
Logos A to F . . . Logos F to M . . . Logos M to S . . . Logos S to Z
Text file relating to the above logo graphics files.

A number of the pictures are now apparently not downloadable, because the hosts have disallowed remote linking although not saying so. To view them , you have to remove the picture file name from the picture URL and put this .htm file name in its place and scroll down to the relevant pic.

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave 100K
Who is Harassing Who? 200K . . . or here
The above file on its original site is available by going to The Internet Archive as it was before the opposition in Wiltshire had it closed down in April 2002
divdev8 The Saga Continues 95K . . . or here
This file grabbed by the Internet Archive in August 2001 before the opposition in Wiltshire had it closed down

What you haven't been told about DNA Profiling and DNA Profiles

Folie à Deux, Dissociation and Crime 75K
Setting-up Internet Mirror Sites ( Russian Site )
Introduction to the above 6 files

To find this index page again, please use keyword divdevm in a search-engine or for the main files please use keyword divdev8 or keyword divdev7 to find again.

Contact Details
Diverse Devices
66 Ivy Road
St Denys
SO17 2JN

Telephone number - the same number as it has been since 1988 but email is now the preferred method of contact so number deliberately not placed here.
I devote time each day to replying to valid emails. Prior to my removal of the phone number I was on the receiving end of something like 10 junk calls to one genuine. Even junk calls from abroad - junk emails in comparison are non-intrusive unlike junk phone-calls. Its come to a pretty pass that my commercial phone-line has to be ex-directory to avoid BT selling the number to the hoards of junk callers and now removal from internet listing.

Would overseas enquirers please state what country they live/reside in as this can have a large effect on postage costs.


ncook246@gmail.co.....m  email address ( for anti-spamming reasons please remove all 5 dots ..... between co and m ) Plain text only (see below)

A reserve email account is diverse9(commercial at)fastmail.fm. Please make emails plain text only , no more than 5KByte or 500 words. Anyone sending larger texts or attachments such as digital signatures, pictures etc will have them automatically deleted on the server. I will be totally unaware of this, all your email will be deleted - sorry, again blame the spammers. All this would not be necessary if there were proper anti-spam mechanisms , not ones that falsely reject valid communications. As a last resort consider placing a message titled "Ping Diverse Devices" on usenet group sci.electronics.repair (eg Google Groups ) that I regularly contribute to. Apologies to users of this site, due to download of files in July, 1999 and January 2000 and January 2002 exceeding the quota with my ISP some files have been shifted sideways onto another site. This page was originally on http://www.tcp.co.uk/~diverse , then http://homepages.tcp.co.uk/~diverse , then http://home.graffiti.net/diverse then http://home.graffiti.net/diverse:graffiti.net/ in April 2005 , then http://www.diverse.4mg.com/ January 2009, also passed away http://home.graffiti.net/syxygy:graffiti.net/ . October 2014 after 15 years http://www.divdev.fsnet.co.uk and http://www.diversed.fsnet.co.uk passed away

If anyone finds something useful in the information above especially in the tips and repair briefs if they would like to mail me a dollar or whatever I will donate to charity and acknowledge here.
My first internet post is in Deja Vue / Google Archive Search
for 06 November 1995 in sci.electronics.repair concerning oscilloscopes.
The earliest independently archived reference I can find so far of this site cached on 05 Dec 1998

Personal callers by prior arrangement only. p.s. The .gif file at the head of this page should have been my logo but I decided not to clutter the bandwidth with its presence.

A Few Unsolicited Comments about this Website

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(editor) Taken at face value

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Hi there, my VCR went into lock mode due to a power failure. Your site was the only to provide the necassary info to unlock it. This saved me a lot of money. Thanks! Best regards Thomas (Eppingen, Germany)

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I was really surprised to find your web site in the first place, it's amazing how much information it contains - Wim ,Holland.

Apologies, ignore the following ridiculous situation. Because of SEO, searchengines now only index text appearing in browsers. It should properly be hidden, as it is old redundant contact details , placed here for old contacts to find current contact details via search engines.
old accounts and old contact details, so placed here for search engines for cross reference only ,so do not use, diverse2@tcp.co.uk do not use diverse9@tcp.co.uk southampton 584680, 01703 584680, 703 584680, 01703584680, 703584680, southampton 80 584680,023 80584680, 023 80 584680, 02380 584680, 02380584680 do not use diverse@tcp.co.uk, do not use diverse@giomail.co.uk, http://homepages.tcp.co.uk/~diverse http://homepages.tcp.co.uk/~diverse http://homepages.tcp.co.uk diverse, diverse9@onetel.co.....m, diverse@divdev.fsnet.co.u......k , 0044 2380 584680, (+44) 2380 584680,442380584680,0442380584680, 442380 584680,0442380 584680,44 2380584680,044 2380584680,00442380584680, homepages.tcp.co.uk/diverse diverse www.tcp.co.uk/~diverse www.tcp.co.uk/diverse Up to September 2000 the address was 75 Priory Rd. 75 Priory Road, SO17 2JQ St Denys, Southampton, up to november 2009 homepages were on http://home.graffiti.net/syxygy:graffiti.net/ and http://home.graffiti.net/diverse:graffiti.net/
I would like to say you, that your webside is a briliant idea. Your great, then in this time, a electronic article is old in little time, and then itīs impossible to become suport from the producers. I hope, you understand my peguin-english and send you my best wishes----Walter ,Switzerland

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intermittent play errors, fixed it. Thanks a lot! - Patrick - , Denmark

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